This was my life for twenty years: feeling totally out of control and frustrated with my body.

Feeling at war with my body.

Feeling alienated from my body.

I had no idea what caused my acne breakouts and IBS to flare up.

I had no idea why for periods of time my skin would be clear.

And then break out with a vengeance.

I had no idea why I would suddenly double over in pain and spend the day running back and forth to the bathroom.

And other times I would feel fine.

Until I discovered the underlying causes to my chronic physical suffering.

Until I healed the actual causes of my physical imbalances.


The result was clear skin, a balanced digestion and a life-changing shift that left me feeling at peace with myself.


I was finally home.

The reality is that we can unknowingly:

Cause physical imbalances with our unresolved emotional trauma.


We can actually be causing our physical ailments without realizing it!

I know you’ve worked really hard to clean up your diet and follow a healthy lifestyle

I know you're diligent about taking vitamins

I know you spend a lot of time, money and endless hours trying to make sure you get healthier.


And you're so frustrated because nothing seems to be working!


You want to feel good in your body

You want to feel free in your body

You want to feel at home in your body


You are ready to figure this out--no more trial and error hell. You are ready for a solution that actually works on a deep and permanent level.

I understand completely and I am here to show you how to get to the root cause of your chronic physical condition.


Here is something to think about that will shift everything for you:

Your physical issue is a symptom, not a condition.

Your physical issue is your body's way of getting your attention.

When you heal what is inside of you emotionally and mentally, your body no longer needs to sound the alarm.



As a Medical Intuitive Healer, I know that it’s never just about the physical condition; what matters in your healing is uncovering deeper underlying emotional causes that manifest in various physical symptoms. When we are stuck with this heavy emotional baggage, it can manifest into our physical symptoms and the general feeling of un-ease.

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