Are you ready to finally feel at home in your body? Are you ready to become UNSTOPPABLE?

 Become who you are meant to be with my TRUE SELF ALIGNMENT Program!

My unique healing process takes a 3-part approach:

• First: Radical Self-Awareness. We uncover and release the underlying causes driving your physical conditions and uncover what you need to know to release this stuck energy – we connect the dots.

• Second: Radical Self-Acceptance. We actively work on letting go – forgiveness practices, releasing heavy, stuck energies, breaking old patterns and emotional residues that are interfering with achieving total balance.

• Third: True Self Alignment. Finally, we work on connecting you with the deepest, truest, most loving part of yourself and accessing your highest knowing and wisdom. This is where we will come up with specific strategies (guided by your higher self) to stay aligned and continue the healing process for your symptoms.

This powerful healing program includes:

• Six 60 minute 1:1 healing sessions via Zoom (recorded)
• Transformational healing energy from Source to clear stuck/stagnant energy at your deepest core
• Sharply accurate and specific messages from Spirit to activate your greatest healing

Investment: $1111.00

6 session package $1111
Number of payments 3
1At checkout $300.00 USD
2after 2 weeks $405.50 USD
3after 4 weeks $405.50 USD
Total $1,111.00 USD
* We calculate payments from the date of checkout.
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Please note: you will purchase the package and immediately book your first session via the link. We will book the subsequent sessions after our first session together. 

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