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Do you attract men who aren't attracted to you or vice versa?

This is a powerful live training that will show you in easy to follow steps how to stop attracting what you don't want in potential relationships; if you seem to keep meeting men (or women) who don't like you and you like them or you don't like them and they like you, then this training is for you!

If you’re ready to learn how to have it all instead of continuously attracting situations and men who will not be able to give you the relationship you desire, then make sure to watch this!

Learn practical and transformational tools that will get at the root of this situation so you can bring the loving and passionate relationship you desire.

Let me know how this resonates with you! Watch video here

Posted on September 17, 2019 and filed under love and relationships.

What You Think is Harmless: Is Actually Killing Your Chances to Meet Your True Mate

I’m ok being single.

I like my independence.

I like where I am.

How do often do you say that to yourself to beat back your actual thoughts?

Is he really out there?

Do I deserve to be cherished?

Why am I not attracting the guy?

Looking on the “positive” side …

Making the “best” of the situation …

Staying up beat all the time …

Is Killing your Chances of Meeting Your True Mate

If you’re not willing to admit to yourself how much you want to be met by your beloved,

If you’re not able to declare how much you desire an equal partnership where you cherish each other,

If you can’t even say out loud that you desire to be with a love who respects you,

Then How Will You and the Universe Call in Your Sacred Relationship?

You don’t want to be positive: you want to be taking day trips on weekends with your true love

You don’t want to make the best of being alone for yet another holiday season: you want to be snuggled up on the couch watching Game of Thrones with your beloved

You don’t want to stay upbeat: you want to spend your days apart texting each other love emojis and feeling excited butterflies

Stop Denying Yourself Your Desires by Being Positive or Staying Upbeat or Making the Best of it

Why? Because it’s all a cop out and a lie. 

You’re lying to yourself and pushing all your ACTUAL desires further and further away.

I used to lie to myself all the time. 

I thought it was the only way to keep my vibration high.

I ended up having one dysfunctional relationship after another through my 20s and 30s and spent most of my late 30s/early 40s single and alone: All While “Looking on the Bright Side.”

Until I was able to get real with myself and heal the deep pain and give voice to the way I truly wanted to live my life, I stayed in this painful pattern.

And now I live with the love of my life where each day gets better and better

And now I experience my desires in real time of someone who loves me for who I am

And now I spend my days cooking with him and going away on weekends and traveling to amazing places--living my relationship dreams!

This is what is possible for you!

I understand the agony of denial from personal experience and from my 20 years of professional experience as a Counselor, Healer and Intuitive.

I know the only way out of it is to stop all those BS coping skills and connect with clarity, purpose and conviction to your desires.

This is the journey I take you on in my powerful 1:1 work with clients. 

Get honest

Get clear

Get into action

Meet your True Mate

Simple, but not easy. That’s why I’m here to hold your hand every step of the way. 

If this resonates I would love to talk to you so you can let this be your last holiday alone while pasting a smile on your face and being incredibly upbeat.  

Posted on September 4, 2019 .

Meet Your True Mate Guidelines

Welcome to the Meet Your True Mate community!

Dysfunctional relationship patterns and being stuck in loneliness and isolation will NEVER HEAL and in fact it will continue to get worse, unless you deal with your hidden emotional and energetic barriers.

My community is about helping sensitive souls who are ready to have the love they know they are truly meant to have!


Here are some of the amazing benefits you will receive in this sacred and uplifting group:


  • Feel supported with deeply healing tools to unravel and clear THE ROOT CAUSE OF YOUR RELATIONSHIP ISSUES.

  • Feel calm and centred the more you connect to your True Self and have the CLARITY AND FOCUS YOU NEED TO BE READY FOR LOVE.

Here is the link to share for the group:





  • Participating in the daily themes, telling us about yourself, sharing stories that are uplifting or inspirational

  • Helpful resources that you would like to share with the group—that helped you personally

  • Any questions or comments about your own journey

  • Requests for support and encouragement if you're having a difficult or challenging time

  • Questions about the Meet Your True Mate community: for clarification or when in need of more details


  • Offering UNSOLICITED (meaning the person did not ask for advice or guidance) counselling, therapy or coaching to other members-it is fine to offer love, support and encouragement

  • Insults, shaming or ridicule of others' posts and sharing

  • No spamming of business offers or marketing/commercial posts; this is not a group to promote your business


To invite your friends to this community, send them a personal message with the link to join:

Do not add people to the group without their permission.
Always ask first.