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Positive Stirrings Afoot

Today is 999--the ending of a 10 year cycle and shifting into a new higher awareness of love, compassion and a higher consciousness (more here:

It is No Coincidence that TODAY:

**Dakota pipeline access that is set to destroy sacred native land and potentially poison their only drinking water: the U.S. Department of the Interior, Department of Justice and Army Corps of Engineers issued a joint statement that, in effect, temporarily halts all construction bordering Lake Oahe on the Missouri. And I saw another announcement that the Obama administration has intervened completely to stop construction.
Read more at…/dakota-access-c…

**Professor Seralini who discovered rats that ingested Genetically Modified foods grew massive tumours--only to be part of a huge smear campaign and death threats and suppression of his results. Today it was announced that he won a massive defamation law suit in his home country of France

This happened in the last week:

**Canada: all animals are now categorized as sentient beings with feelings and biological needs (the BIG DUUUUH, but better late than never) which means that animal abuse and cruelty is much easier to convict in a court of law…/

Need I say more. If you're seeing old patterns come up don't worry! I've come across my people pleaser, can't say no, can't express my true feelings, martyr, victim aspects all just this week--phew! Thankfully they just came to say goodbye.

When we get to a certain level of our spiritual healing, we can honest to goodness wave goodbye to tons of old paradigms; all we have to do is recognize that it is a goodbye and not a reunion.
Namaste and I invite you to ride this beautiful, positive, humane and loving wave.

Discussion: What have you noticed is happening in the world around you that "proves" that this shift is actually occurring? Post below!

How to Live a Life of Affluence Podcast Interview: Surprising Tips & Truths with Janet Tyler Johnson

Feeling frustrated and unsatisfied at your current job or income level? Do you feel a lack of freedom to create a work life that you love and get paid well to do it? Join us for this wonderful podcast interview with Janet Tyler Johnson, Certified Financial Planner®, founder of Corporate Hostage, No More! and certified Soul Awareness Energy Healer. During our talk we uncovered some deeply profound, yet simple ways to shift money blocks and limiting beliefs.

Here are some highlights from this awareness shifting podcast:

-What is an affluent life and why should you care?

-If money and time wasn’t an issue what kind of life would you want?

-Why you need to become your own Private Detective around your money habits

-The number one question to ask yourself about your spending to help shift you into a more affluent life

-What is the either/or money belief and how can you shift it?

And much more! Don’t miss this one—I scribbled notes furiously during this call to start using her tips in my own life and I know you’ll definitely want to do the same.

Time sensitive: be sure to visit her website to purchase her course Awakening to Affluence at a discounted price! Or connect with her at

Click here for the podcast