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Living the Dream with Nate Maingard

Few things excite me more than discussing the concept of “living the dream.” The dream is different for everyone and elicits varying degrees of obsession from people. For instance, some of us burn with desire and will stop at nothing short of fully realizing our potential—like Steve Jobs. I mean the guy was fired from his own company and still went for it! Others slowly bloom over time in a steady pattern of graceful unfolding.

To live the dream means to fully show up for what the world is offering us; whether we decide to resist and kick and scream the whole time or to run with the Universal winds is up to us.

Nate Maingard, “modern troubadour, storyteller, global nomad and indie-folk singer-songwriter,” is running with the wind right now. He showed up and now he’s fully committed to living the dream.

He started writing songs at a young age and has played as a professional musician since 2011 when he made the decision to make music full-time. He was awarded a South African National Arts Festival Ovation Award in 2012 and he played over 100 shows around South Africa that year.

In 2014 he launched his Patreon page and he is now supported by “The Nateives”, a community from all over the world who support his art because they believe in truthful music.

Find out what he does to stay true to himself, how he manages self-sabotaging feelings of doubt and insecurity and what he values above all else in this week’s podcast:

Living the Dream with Nate Maingard

What is your dream and how do you manage your internal barriers? Post below--it will help everyone!