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Happiness Comes From Love & Gratitude

Every day, people buy too much stuff, eat too much food, and waste away their hours chasing after happiness…to no avail. They may find excitement or satiation, but TRUE HAPPINESS still eludes them.

Fortunately, happiness is really inexpensive and pretty simple to find, but that doesn’t mean that it comes easily. However, if you’re bold, and truly willing to commit to a few simple steps, happiness will be yours in just a short while.

1.      Quit Complaining.

The first step to finding happiness is to stop trying to find what’s wrong with the world around you. There’s plenty to complain about, but if you focus all of your attention there, you’ll never see the good stuff.

2.      Choose To Live In Love.

Falling in love with the world (and people) around you is a sure step toward happiness…and it’s easy. Simply accept people for who they are, and choose to see the good in them. Don’t expect it…CHOOSE it…then express it.

3.      Appreciate Everything.

Start expressing your gratitude every day. If you’d like, keep a gratitude journal and write down at least 3 things you’re grateful for every morning. Before long, you’ll have more things to appreciate than you can count.

Becoming happy may mean “looking like a fool” or changing A LOT of your current habits, but I promise you…it sure beats the alternative.

What can YOU do to create more happiness in your life TODAY?

Posted on June 26, 2016 and filed under health and wellness.

How to Smash Through Your Happy Ceiling

You may have heard of the glass ceiling (the upper limit of something usually in reference to women’s wages in the workplace), but do you know about the happy ceiling? Perhaps you’ve cracked your head on it a number of times, only to fall backwards to the ground tailbone first onto the cement. Ouch.

What is the happy ceiling?

A defense mechanism executed swiftly by our Saboteur when any unauthorized happiness occurs. Unless we get control of this pattern, the Saboteur will cause repeated concussions and will implement an outright ban on increased happiness units.

In other words, if you want to get happier than you’ve been—deal with the Saboteur.

Who is the Saboteur?

The Saboteur is an aspect of ourselves (in the form of an archetype) that jumps in when you may feel threatened or afraid. Usually the Saboteur is there to protect you in some way from an imagined enemy. The Saboteur will do it’s darndest to sabotage your well intentioned plans. For instance, there was a time in my life when I was completely out of debt, so my Saboteur got me buying up a storm again until a year later I was back in the same financial position. Why? Because that’s the way the Saboteur rolls. Or mostly because I was probably uncomfortable being financially free and subconsciously I tried to go back to the way I was. In the past, we may have benefited greatly from the Saboteur’s antics, but the practice may be wearing a little thin now.


  • First let’s take our usual run around the track I like to call: awareness enhancing question period.
  • How good can you stand it?
  • Have you ever been so happy that it hurts?

Why do we sabotage ourselves? Three factors:

  1. Uncomfortable—we don’t know how to feel in this new situation even if it’s wonderful. Sometimes we get into a rut where we'd rather stay in the discomfort than change.
  2. Uncertain—the devil we know is better than the devil we don’t. This is where we feel really afraid of the unknown.
  3. Undeserving—do I really deserve to be happy? Who am I to be happy? I’m not really that great of a person to be this happy.

How do we smash through the happy ceiling?

  1. Undeserving—ask the Saboteur to come into your awareness.
    You may see an image or sense a feeling. Trust what comes up. Then ask your Saboteur why it’s here or why it shows up when you’re starting to get really happy? Ask what the message is that it wants you to know. Make friends with the Saboteur. Tell them that you are open to co-creating a life of more happiness despite your fears. Ask how you can work together from now on.
  2. Uncertainty—acknowledge these feelings of fear and anxiety.
    This is the human condition—the more comfortable we can get with uncertainty the more our lives will expand with joy and happiness.
  3. Declaration/intention—make a ceremonial pledge that you intend to move past the happy ceiling and open up to more and more happiness.
    Make it fancy—write a flowery letter or declare it out loud. You can either seal it in a nice envelope and put it in a sacred place or burn it. Whatever you do, the intention is the most important part.

I wish you boat loads of happiness and expansive skies without ceilings anywhere in sight!

Take the Fear Out of Self-Love

I’m not one to reinvent the wheel, so let us stick with the timeless February theme: LOVE. Love takes many forms, but it all stems from how you feel about yourself. Last year gave me plenty of insight into how I treated myself. Frankly, it was a shocker.

You know those strange little behaviours that form the basis of your unique personality? Well, some of them may be outright self-bullying until you take a look at them boldly. Here is an excerpt from Chapter three of my book “What Would Little Red Riding Hood Do? 7 Ways to Face Your Wolf and Live Happily Ever After” in which I explore my fear of facing myself:

“I wasn’t willing to look at myself. I wasn’t willing to look in the mirror and ask what’s wrong. Why are you feeling like this? Why do you have so much anxiety? Why is there so much pain? I didn’t want to ask any of that, so I put on my running shoes and ran.

This frantic hamster wheel motion went on for many years, taking me from one place to another with my suitcase and boxes. I was worn out, exhausted and constantly in a state of anxiety. It felt as if something was chasing me; I now know it was my awareness.

I encourage you to look at yourself in whatever form it may take (the mirror, on paper, with a trusted friend/advisor). Instead of running or jumping or diving into the sand…let’s face ourselves and you'll see that it’s not so bad. You might even like it. In fact you will love it, because deep down there is a part of you that really loves YOU for YOU!”

Here’s to looking full on at oneself in the name of self-love. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Take a look at some changes I made last year—you may want to try some of these:

  1. I no longer buy things that make me say: “that's good enough for now”, “not too bad” or “I’ll just ignore the fact that I don’t really like it” (don’t ask me it was just an unconscious habit); I do buy things that make me say: “fantastic”, “holy sh*t that’s awesome”, “I love this for life”. Translation: does NOT mean more expensive.
  2. I surround myself with pleasant and beautiful things: aka fresh flowers, new pictures on the wall, and happytastic photos of myself; I got rid of and I’m in the process of exchanging/replacing and burning all items connected to past relationships, hand me downs and anything heavily laden with emotional baggage.
  3. I take part in gratitude practices and focus on things/situations/people that make me feel happy (ex.
  4. I take time to pamper myself: I went for a full body Dead Sea scrub. That was amazing. Not to mention being introduced to disposable underwear—strange concept, but interesting.
  5. I find ways to purge negative emotions/feelings/vibes through yoga, walking and journaling.

All of the above brings me more joy, confidence, adventurous tendencies and spontaneous bursts of happiness! How will you bring more self-love into your life today?