Free of Acne & IBS Group Guidelines

Welcome to the Free of Acne & IBS community!

Chronic physical conditions like acne and IBS will NEVER HEAL and in fact they will continue to get worse, unless you deal with your emotional traumas and stuck emotions.

My community is about helping women with chronic acne and IBS who are ready to heal their emotional traumas so they can finally have clear skin and a balanced digestion.


Here are just some of the amazing benefits you will receive in this sacred and uplifting group:

•    Get inspired with easy to implement safe and natural nutrition tips for healthy, clear skin, healthy digestion and natural ways to overcome anxiety
•    Feel relieved as you finally learn the root causes of your acne, IBS and anxiety and how to heal these symptoms
•    Feel supported with deeply healing tools to unravel and clear toxic emotions so that your body can stop creating the acne, IBS and/or anxiety. 

You'll also have access to my FREE live video trainings, intuitive messages just for you and interactive fun challenges--how does it get any better than that?!

Don't forget to sign up for your FREE GIFT here: 3 Natural, Healthy Ways to Heal Your Chronic Acne & IBS, that Actually Works!

I can’t wait to get to know you and to give you all my personal and professional healing resources to help you heal your acne and IBS for good!

Love Eleanor
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Daily Themes

Acceptance Monday: What are you willing to accept about yourself this week (no matter what)?

Truly Me Tuesday: Who are you at your core? I stand for RADICAL SELF-AWARENESS AND SELF-ACCEPTANCE. This is the key to true healing. Tell us one thing that lights you up about yourself!

We Love Food Wednesday--Share recipes, Ask food questions. Let's get excited about food!

Aha Thursday: Post your insights, realizations, aha moments, downloads or wisdom of the week. Did you have an emotional epiphany about your acne healing journey?

Fave Friday: Share your favourite quotes, photos, memories, things that make you laugh, places…it can be on any topic!

Soothing Sunday: Share your fave way to relax, recharge and unwind.


Posts that are encouraged

  • Participating in the daily themes, telling us about yourself, sharing stories that are uplifting or inspirational

  • Helpful resources that you would like to share with the group—that helped you personally

  • Any questions or comments about your own journey

  • Requests for support and encouragement if you're having a difficult or challenging time

  • Questions about the Free of Acne & IBS community: for clarification or when in need of more details

Posts and responses that are not tolerated

  • Offering UNSOLICITED (meaning the person did not ask for advice or guidance) counselling, therapy or coaching to other members

  • Insults, shaming or ridicule of others' posts and sharing

  • No spamming of business offers or marketing/commercial posts; this is not a group to promote your business

Invite your friends

To invite your friends to this community, send them a personal message with the link to join:

Do not add people to the group without their permission.
Always ask first.

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