What to Do When you Don’t Know What to Do

I don’t know about everyone else lately but I’m overwhelmed!

I’m overwhelmed with too many choices-good choices, bad choices, scary choices, boring choices…you get the picture. What part of my career should I focus on? Writing? Clients? Classes? What is the best way to help people and honour my hopes and dreams? I sit and stare into space weighing all the possibilities.

Isn’t it funny that even an abundance of wonderful avenues can cause a state of complete and total paralysis? In my mind, making a choice rules out all the other choices. Then I think, well I don’t want to miss out on B or C or D…so I don’t choose. And we all know that not making a choice is a choice. So then I’m back to square one—in front of all the tantalizing opportunities without the courage to reach out and pick one from the tree.

There are many reasons for not choosing something:

  • Fear of success
  • Fear of judgement
  • Fear of failure
  • Low self-esteem
  • And low self-worth are just some of the myriad of blocks 

All these reasons may seem so real and so strong that they guide our every move or lack thereof. So, how do we break through it and come out the other side? Recently I came to the conclusion that it doesn’t matter WHAT I choose, it only matters THAT I choose. Who wants to sit on the sidelines and miss out on all the fun in life?

Here are some of the tips I’ve used to shake myself out of my reverie of overwhelm:

  1. Choose something today. 
    Pick your yoga class, deadline, holiday schedule…it doesn’t matter what it is. Pick it.
  2. Follow-through.
    Sign up, call for the appointment, write it down—whatever it takes to solidify the choice.
  3. Be aware of feelings of fear/guilt/happiness/relief.
    How do you feel now that you’ve done something? You made your choice—how do you feel? Hopefully you feel good! If you feel fear for example, write down your fears to bring them down to size. In our head they are such big monsters but on paper they are mini annoyances.
  4. Breathe! 
    It will pass and mostly you will feel relief.
  5. Give it your loving attention.
    Now you’ve chosen something, followed through and you’re doing it. To make sure you don’t sabotage yourself, put your best intentions and effort into it.
  6. Make time for it.
    Nurture the process, enjoy it and feel proud that you’re part of a process you’ve CHOSEN.

Enjoy the new found freedom and empowerment that comes with overcoming the paralysis! Ultimately this process includes anything big or small. It could be that you chose to walk to the store instead of driving because you choose exercise. It could be that you chose to move your bedroom furniture around to breathe new life into the space. It could be that you chose between becoming a veterinarian and a painter. Big or small, it matters not. Just show up for life and step into it. If you’ll excuse me I have some more writing to do…

Posted on November 13, 2014 and filed under Uncategorized.