Here is what people are saying about Eleanor: 

Rebecca M., Canada

“After Eleanor sent energy, the acne on my jaw line completely cleared up, and I also had almost no breakouts around my cycle this month! The difference was so blatant that I knew for sure Eleanor's work was the cause, as I didn't do anything else differently this month. So I just wanted to say thank you to Eleanor for so generously giving of her time and healing energy! Thank you again, Eleanor!!

Nikhisha S., India

“Eleanor is excellent. She finds out the root cause and gives the right solution. Which has really worked well for me. I am really very grateful to her. My Skin is very clear and my IBS problem has reduced by at least 80%. She is simply superb...More Success and Growth for you Eleanor. A Million thanks and Lots of Love and light to you.”

I had a brief session with Eleanor through a FB Live and I asked her about my chronic acne. Her intuition was so spot on, she told me it was stuck energy in my left arm from being denigrated in my childhood. She was so right. I sang a song to my inner child and rubbed my arm up and down and now 3 days later I realize my acne seems to have healed overnight, quite literally. Thank you Eleanor for your amazing insight and intuition. I highly recommend anyone with acne work with her.

Nadine C., Canada

Anna B., USA

“What an amazingly gifted woman. She knew very little about me and picked up on issues I needed healed quickly and efficiently. I immediately felt a release and calmness I had not felt in a very long time. I am very grateful for the work that she does.”

"Before I started working with Eleanor I was a bit lost, and unclear about how I could shape my life in order to live authentically and to live the life I truly wanted. I knew I had so many opportunities and gifts at my finger tips, but my self sabotage and buried emotional pain, was holding me back from allowing myself to truly be me- and be free. Eleanor was not only so easy to talk to, and so compassionate, she had a way of getting me to open up, and dig into a lot of the emotions I had been trying to bury for many years. Feelings of guilt, shame and unworthiness all came to the surface. From there, she gave me the tools to heal. I now feel so much more myself, I feel 'lighter', and free to take my life in the direction I truly want. I will always be grateful for meeting Eleanor and for the support she provided me. It has been a true gift."

Allison W., Canada

Leonie G., Australia

"I’ve never had any energy work before, didn’t know what a medical intuitive did, and didn’t know what to expect. Well I still don’t know how she does what she does, but what she does is incredible. I’ve had so many realisations and breakthroughs energetically, emotionally and physically in the last few days. Eleanor was so generous with her time and has such a gentle way of working, and everything she said was just spot on."