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Too Many Choices Stops Your Healing

Eleanor helps you release the energy wasting decision making so you can focus on what's really important to you--overcoming your physical conditions like skin and digestive issues. Our daily life choices and decision making can exhaust us to the point where we have nothing left to give when it comes to the big stuff.

What can you do to reduce the amount of decisions you make? How can you overcome the fear of making the wrong decision? Get practical advice and tips so you can finally make a decision that is going to move your forward in your healing journey!

What smaller decisions take up the most time in your life? Comment below!

3 Keys to Healing Your Chronic Acne & IBS--Part 2 of 3

Listen to this part 2 of 3 series for more amazing content to help you get to the bottom of your acne and IBS issues and figure out why it won't go away no matter what you try!!

Learn 2 practical and amazing tips to healing the root causes of these frustrating symptoms.

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3 Keys to Healing Your Chronic Acne & IBS-Part 1

When we don't know the root cause of our symptoms, we can never heal. It's just years of trial and error and spinning around in circles. In this first of three parts, you will learn how to resolve one of the main root causes of chronic acne and IBS that no one is talking about. 

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Honoring Yourself as a Self-Healing Technique

Ready to learn how our biggest life decisions and choices are showing up in our bodies as chronic imbalances and symptoms like acne and IBS? Learn how to connect the dots between our emotional and mental self-care and how our body subsequently responds, so you can correct imbalances and heal your symptoms from the root cause.

Healing or Spiraling? Easy Shifts to Get Clear & Keep Making Progress

Every wonder if you're spinning around in circles and never actually getting anywhere on your healing journey? Do you feel like you reach a certain level of wellness with your acne and IBS and then flare ups happen! Ugh!

As a Medical Intuitive who specializes in acne and IBS, I help women find the root cause of their issues so they can finally have the clear skin and healthy digestion they long for! In this episode I give you deep truths about what a healing journey actually looks like so that you can stay motivated and feel hopeful AND MOST IMPORTANTLY KEEP GOING!

I'm a Healer: Why Can't I Fix My Acne?

Trying to use all your techniques, tools and powerful energy processes but you still can't heal your acne? I've been there! I spent 20 years suffering from chronic acne and IBS and no matter what I did, nothing worked. Until I shifted things for myself. 

Listen to my podcast to find out why sometimes no matter how powerful you are, you can't heal yourself in certain aspects. This intensely illuminating episode will finally give you the clarity and tips you need to move forward and get the results you want!