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How to Stay Mostly Positive in a Negative World

Have you ever felt like you just can’t take any more negativity from the world around you? One of the biggest challenges that I’ve heard people share about feeling overwhelmed and inundated with negative images and news is the hopelessness and apathy that colors everything they do. I wonder if you’ve ever felt like that? That there is really nothing you can do to help the world and that its only going to get worse. 

In this podcast I offer ways to shift your perspective so that you can cope with negativity and even shine through it!

Posted on November 12, 2015 and filed under self-help.

How to Smash Through Your Happy Ceiling

How happy can you stand it? Ever heard of a delightful aspect of the self known as the Saboteur? Listen to this podcast to find out what the Saboteur does in times of super happiness to bring you down a notch. Learn how to become fast friends with Saboteur to co-create unlimited, boundless oodles of happiness in your life. Make sure you don't just smash your head on the happiness ceiling--you actually want to blast through it!

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How to Heal With Humor

Laughter is the best medicine. A good belly laugh cures what ails us. These sayings are true in that we really can use the power of laughter and humor to transform our painful experiences and put us into a state of peace and joy. In this episode, Eleanor Healy, describes three ways to shift your vibration with laughter and humor. Don't miss this one--being without laughter in life is no joke.

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How to Discover What is Missing in Your Life

Do you lie awake at night wondering why you aren't happy? Do you feel like your life on paper is perfect, yet you still feel miserable. Maybe you beat yourself up because you can't get happy--even with the job, the relationship, the nice house--nothing fills the void. Something is missing. Have no fear! In this podcast, Eleanor Healy, The True-Self Advocate gives you practical ways to connect with yourself and feel deeply satisfied no matter what. She takes you through her own process to resolve this aching hole--in surprisingly simple ways!


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How to Stop Your Inner Worry Wart From Taking Over

If you could model your fingernails for the latest Zombie movie, then you may be a bit of a nail-biting worry wart. You’d be in good company as Eleanor Healy, The True-Self Advocate is a recovering worrier—worrying about life was what she did. What if I’m late for my appointment? What if I can’t remember what I’m supposed to say? What if I show up in my underwear? It's not a given that worries actually make sense—all the best worries are about as logical as a Tim Burton film. Learn ways to deal with this pattern and start to choose differently. There is a way to change this!

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The Power of Self-Celebration

Do you stop to celebrate yourself? How often do you notice your accomplishments and personal growth. In this podcast, Eleanor Healy will point out the benefits of stopping once in a while to look at how far you've come. Aside from stopping the part of yourself that obsessively pushes you to be better, you can cultivate more happiness and pride in your life! Who doesn't want that?

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Five Ways to Feel Like Yourself Again

Are you feeling off? In other words do you wander around whispering "I don't even know who I am anymore" then this is the podcast for you! Find out the fastest way to feel like yourself again--no joke it's super simple and very much about common sense.  What do you do when you've gone past the warning bells and ended up in lost-self-scenario? Listen to this podcast for five practical ways to get grounded again and feel like our good ole self again (wiser and more aware self even)!

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How to Live a Life of Affluence: Surprising Tips from Janet Tylor Johnson

Feeling frustrated and unsatisfied at your current job or income level? Do you feel a lack of freedom to create a work life that you love that also pays you well? Join us for this wonderful podcast interview with Janet Tyler Johnson, Certified Financial Planner®, founder of Corporate Hostage, No More! and certified Soul Awareness Energy Healer. During our talk we uncovered some deeply profound, yet simple ways to shift money blocks and limiting beliefs.

 Here are some highlights from this awareness shifting podcast:

 -What is an affluent life and why should you care?

-If money and time wasn’t an issue what kind of life would you want?

-Why you need to become your own Private Detective around your money habits

-The number one question to ask yourself about your spending to help shift you into a more affluent life

-What is the either/or money belief and how can you shift it?

 And much more! Don’t miss this one!

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Three Ways to Soothe Intense Frustration

Ready to rip the steering wheel out of your Prius? Perhaps the copier needs a good swift kick. When intense frustration comes knocking, you'll be ready! Listen to this podcast to get a handle on the three ways to soothe the roiling ball of frustration. Find out what really may be happening when you feel like you can't cope with one more let down. Learn how to see things differently so you can find the calm, balanced state that is your True Self.

How to Say No and Feel Good About It

Do you literally get choked up when your lips start to for the word NO? Are you drenched in a guilt shower every time this two letter word tries to travel through your windpipe? Listen to this podcast for some inspiring and eye-opening questions to ask yourself to get past this sabotaging behavior. Find ways to delve into the subconscious beliefs that have you saying Yes instead of NO all the time. Say it with kindness and say it with me now: NO!

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How to Deal with Emotional Overwhelm

Does this sound familiar? The slightest noise sets you off or you burst into tears when someone cuts in front of you in line...what can you do when you can't take one more stressor? Listen to this podcast--Eleanor Healy, the True-Self Advocate, will help you map out what emotional overwhelm is, ways to prevent it and what to do when your full up in it!

Posted on November 12, 2015 and filed under self-help.

Self-Acceptance: Valuable Lessons from Shrek and Fiona

How do the characters from Shrek teach us to accept ourselves? Eleanor explores the symbolism and universal themes from the movie Shrek to talk about how to accept and love ourselves fully. What is the fastest way to accept ourselves? Why is self-acceptance a risk we can't afford not to ignore? What does self-acceptance really mean? Find out all this and more with this week's podcast with Eleanor!