True Self Alignment: Call #1 Resolve the Root Cause of Stress & Anxiety

This video is the first call we had with Eleanor Healy, Medical Medium, Intuitive Energy Healer on Transformation To Joy. Eleanor helps you find the not so obvious root causes of your chronic physical symptoms—with the use of sharply accurate intuitive messages and powerful healing energy—so you can finally have the freedom and peace of mind you long for. She is not only helping you as a powerfull energy healer, counselor and sharply accurate intuitive with over 12 years of experience: she suffered from acne, the painful condition of IBS and serious anxiety for over 25 years.

She understands what it’s like to live your life in a prison cell that revolves around enduring painful and debilitating symptoms. Since overcoming these seemingly impossible conditions, it is now her mission to save you the time, heartache and money of trial and error methods that don't work, so you can resolve your chronic conditions and finally live the life of your dreams! Her SOUL PURPOSE is to guide you on a light-hearted and joy-filled reunion back home to you (your TRUE SELF, the part of you that knows all the answers). Check out her special offer page:


True Self Alignment: Call #2 Resolve the Root Causes of Stress & Anxiety from the Body

This video is the second call we had with Eleanor Healy, Medical Intuitive Healer on Transformation To Joy telesummit. Eleanor brings to our show her insights of the root cause of certain conditions that have no known cures. Do you suffer from OCD, perfectionism? Are you overly pessimistic? Do you suffer from fear, mistrust, social anxiety, guilt and shame? Is having these type of negative feelings and emotions making you ill?

On this call you will be able to learn more about how Eleanor has made the link between negative feelings and emotions and illness and how she tunes into our audience members to get to the root cause of their dis-ease and her Special Offer that included guided meditations on dealing with some of the root causes of chronic conditions. Click here to go to Eleanor's Special Offer page:


The Key to Healing Chronic Acne and IBS that No One is Talking About!

Interviewed by Amethyst Mahoney, creator of the Spiritual Badass community


Spiritual Voice Podcast Interview

In this engaging, narrative style interview, Eleanor talks about the Personal Transformation Wheel--a process of self-discovery that allows you to create new and joyful experiences for yourself. You'll hear personal stories, examples and practical tips and tools to guide you to your next spiritual unfolding.   


Japan Reiki Association Interview

What is Eleanor's experience of Reiki? How does she think it relates to today's society? All these questions and more are answered in this interview with the Japan Reiki Association. Her interview starts at 3:35.


That Channel Interview

Eleanor Healy is The True-Self Advocate™ and says that often personal problems can be the result of forgoing your True Self in favour of the masks you wear to please others. She's written a book based on the archetypal fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood to illustrate what the problem is, along with chapter exercises you can use to get your life back on track.


Badassery Podcast Interview

Truly loving yourself is one of the hardest things you can do. We hold on to our old stories and live in the past. That is where this week’s guest steps in. Badassery Magazine talks with Eleanor Healy, your true-self advocate who works with women to give them their power back.

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