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Five Essential Keys to Finding a Compatible Relationship Within the Next Six Months (Even if You’ve Never Had One)

1.      Nothing will stand in your way: You are NOT going to allow another year to go by being single. You don’t care what needs to be done, you’ll do it. This is happening now! And you’ll do what it takes no matter what.

 You’ll dedicate the time

You’ll get the right kind of support

You’ll show up and do the things that will attract the relationship of your dreams


If you’re not in that kind of energy, you’ll be easily distracted, thrown off by the ups and downs of dating and you’ll give up and go back to “I’m fine being single” before you change enough to bring in the love of your life.


2.      Do something different: This may seem obvious but it needs to be said. Stop doing what you’re doing now. Face it, you haven’t found someone so far and you need to switch it up. Your current beliefs, knowledge, and behaviours are not getting you what you want.


Maybe you’re attracting men, but you’re not into them. Or vice versa.

Maybe you date a guy and he disappears after two dates leaving you feeling rejected and devastated.

 Are you willing to do things differently to change your experiences and find the love you long for?


3.      Get suitable help to overcome your blind spots: We all have them.

 Maybe you think that you’re totally open and ready for dating, but your energy has a big “Stay Away!” stamp on it.

Maybe you drive men away with your intensity.
Maybe you talk too much about your past or seem guarded about it.

Maybe you aren’t as open and available as you think you are.


To overcome anything stopping you from allowing others to see how much of an amazing catch you are, you need to have someone show you and help you work through your blind spots. You need to have your energy clear and inviting. The other thing about getting help is it only works when you get it from the right source. Your other single friend who is as jaded as you (or maybe even more so) will not be giving you high level advice to help you shift.


Even your married friend is probably not the best because she’s forgotten what it’s like and the world is not the same as when she was single.


Stop getting advice that twists you into a knot of emotional confusion and panic. Hire someone who is trained in the realm of relationships and dating and ideally has found someone who makes them incredibly happy as well.


4.      Get clear: Without knowing exactly who you want in your life and what type of relationship you want, how do you expect to find them? I’m not talking about just the traits of your future husband, but also the lifestyle you want to live with them.


Write out an entire list and spend time in the whole scenario: what hours does he work?

What do you do in the evenings? What does he think of holidays? How does he feel about politics? These are things to get really clear on.

Pro-tip: You also need to be able to recognize when you have met your true match, because believe me that can be tricky also! I speak from personal experience on that one.


5.      Stay reasonably positive: You might be a bit jaded if you’ve never had a truly compatible relationship (especially if you’re over 35). You may feel resentful and frustrated and unknowingly take it out on prospective partners.


It’s understandable to be upset; I went through 20 years of tumultuous, unhappy relationships and ten years as a single person feeling unloved an angry at the world. I get it. But you have to heal those wounds enough to brush yourself off and dive in with an open heart. Isn’t it worth it to if you meet the love of your life within the next six months?


If you are willing and able to do these things then you are well on your way to being in an incredible relationship in the very near future. Message me if you would like my support to implement these keys and we’ll get started!

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Do you attract men who aren't attracted to you or vice versa?

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Why Am I Still Single? 3 Surprising Blocks to Finding Your Perfect Mate


Join me for a powerful FREE Facebook live series to learn how your best intentions are actually doing the opposite of what will bring you the amazing relationship you’re looking for.

You will learn to use highly effective practices and techniques today to help you break the pattern of going from one terrible relationship to another or stop the cycle of unwittingly being alone, year after year.

During this incredible Facebook live series, I will cover the pitfalls that block you from having a mate who is perfect for you in every way:

1 Fear of recreating dysfunctional family relationships

2 The dark side of having “high” standards

3 The wrong kind of going with the flow

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Manifest Your True Mate Guidelines

Welcome to the Manifest Your True Mate community!

Dysfunctional relationship patterns and being stuck in loneliness and isolation will NEVER HEAL and in fact it will continue to get worse, unless you deal with your hidden emotional and energetic barriers.

My community is about helping sensitive souls who are ready to have the love they know they are truly meant to have!


Here are some of the amazing benefits you will receive in this sacred and uplifting group:


  • Feel supported with deeply healing tools to unravel and clear THE ROOT CAUSE OF YOUR RELATIONSHIP ISSUES.

  • Feel calm and centred the more you connect to your True Self and have the CLARITY AND FOCUS YOU NEED TO BE READY FOR LOVE.

Here is the link to share for the group:


  • Participating in the daily themes, telling us about yourself, sharing stories that are uplifting or inspirational

  • Helpful resources that you would like to share with the group—that helped you personally

  • Any questions or comments about your own journey

  • Requests for support and encouragement if you're having a difficult or challenging time

  • Questions about the Manifest Your True Mate community: for clarification or when in need of more details


  • Offering UNSOLICITED (meaning the person did not ask for advice or guidance) counselling, therapy or coaching to other members-it is fine to offer love, support and encouragement

  • Insults, shaming or ridicule of others' posts and sharing

  • No spamming of business offers or marketing/commercial posts; this is not a group to promote your business


To invite your friends to this community, send them a personal message with the link to join:

Do not add people to the group without their permission.
Always ask first.