How do You Create True Change? Go LUSH!

Are you eager to make some changes in your life this coming year? Maybe you want to exercise and initiate more while smoking and complaining less. Whatever the change is, there is a way to do it, but how do you ensure that you’ll make True Change?

True Change in my experience is LUSH-lasting, universal, simple and honorable. In other words, if you whip up a quick band-aid solution for your eating habits that includes a complex chart of rewards and schedules, you'll be back to your old ways faster than you can say donut. Why? Because you haven't honored yourself with a simple, loving vision taken from universal principles. You need to keep your vision for change big enough to include age old wisdom in an individually wrapped package just for you.

So, if you’re looking for ways to expand and improve your quality of life, while respecting yourself as an already wonderful being, go for True Change.

Here are the four pillars in more detail:

  1. Lasting.
    The changes stand the test of time, moving with ease from one year to the next and flowing from generation to generation. Your specific change starts with you, but can spill out into the community like fresh spring water, cleansing all who dip into it. An example would be the civil rights movement; the world today is building on the principles started during the sixties to include recognition for more and more ideas and groups of people. How can you create lasting change that benefits you and your community?

  2. Universal.
    The changes can be applied anywhere, anytime and to anyone. You will design the change for your own particular situation, but True Change can mold and fit any example. The key principles here include flexibility and openness. The change starts with yourself, but can also be adapted for your neighbor, best friend or relative. Everyone can benefit and no one is excluded. For example, if you change your attitude to notice more things to be grateful for, anyone can make this change and incorporate the specific items/situations/people that they are grateful for. Every one of us can make this change. This pillar also speaks to the ripple effect. As you change your attitude to be more grateful, then all those around you will benefit from your spread of love. In the end, this can spread all around the world, making it a universal change.
  3. Simple. 
    You don’t need charts, graphs, systems or steps. You don’t need levels, grading, signposts or assessments. All you need is willingness, intent and desire. In other words, if you have the desire to change something, then intend to change it and go along for the ride. It is no harder than that. Anyone who tells you that you have to go through a rigorous preparation or complete stages to be successful is simply missing the point. Of course, there are things you choose to do in life that have all the elements mentioned above—I’m just pointing out that they are not necessary, they are a choice. If you want True Change, you can make it as simple as smiling more every day. I can’t think of anything more profound than that.
  4. Honourable.
    Make sure you hold up your desired change against the background of personal integrity and honour. Is this change coming from a loving point of view or a critical point of view? Are you trying to change something that is inherently part of you? For example, do you want to change your habit of daydreaming that you’re a big Hollywood star because you feel it's foolish? There is nothing foolish about living a healthy internal world of dreaming and musing and play. Dream until you’re 95 about it! Honor your daydreams or any other habit you’d like to label as silly, impractical or a waste of time. Don’t change yourself into misery.

I hope you use these four pillars of True Change to go out there and expand, live and create a better world for you and everybody! I’d love to hear about your aspirations for True Change. Comment below!

Happy New Year—the Best is Yet to Come!

photo credit: Leon Civale

Posted on February 5, 2015 and filed under Uncategorized.