How to Heal Your Overpowering Anxiety

The How to Heal Your Overpowering Anxiety is a live online eight-week

transformational healing course, led by Eleanor Healy,

International Medical Intuitive Healer.


This course was designed for sensitive go-getters with a big purpose in life who are missing out

 on relationships, fulfilling careers and a vital physical body because of their chronic anxiety. This

 life-changing combination of highly effective tools and techniques with powerful healing

energy will unravel and dissolve the root cause of your long-term anxiety for good
(even if you’ve tried everything).

 Being free of anxiety means you can finally life the life you are meant to live!


What does it mean to live the life you are meant to live?

It means stepping into what is possible for you:

You are free from the shackles of the past

You are enthusiastic and excited and full of passion

You love what you do

You are financially abundant

You love going to events and connecting with like-minded people

Your relationships are harmonious and heart-centred

You share your gifts with the world

You have fun with your soul community

You feel cherished and adored by your soulmate/partner

You travel to exotic places

You have it all and you know you deserve it!

Check back soon for live program schedule!