FINALLY discover and make the leap into a career that you LOVE! 

Do you hold back from telling people what you need?

Are you tired of saying yes when you really mean hell, no?!

Do you go out of your way to make sure everyone is ok ... even when you're not?

Then you need to activate your GOOD GIRL POWERS!



As the resident Good Girl around here, let me see if this sounds like you. First of all, if we're being really honest, you don't make decisions based on what your heart tells you. You make decisions based on:

  • What would be the easiest for your family to accept, or put another way, what would be easiest for you to explain
  • What other people tell you that you should do or is the right thing to do
  • The voice inside you that says, "just do it this way and everyone will leave you alone"

You're sick and tired of family and friends telling you what would be good for you!


There is nothing wrong with you!

You can stand up for yourself AND still be kind. You can learn to love being a GOOD GIRL!! You can turn your compassion and strength and love of others towards yourself! Harness all that love and kindness into saying yes to you! Because being a GOOD GIRL means being good to you first. All while living the life you love!

You being YOU and loving it!

Join the Good Girl Club and thrive being your kind and loving self. We adore you already!

Check out my inspiring podcast, learn more about me or peruse the empowering Truly Me products we have available. I can't wait to get to know you better!