Do you have a big message for the world but you're afraid to put it out there?

Maybe you feel like everyone around you is living the dream and all you can do is watch them from a distance. It's like you're on the outside looking in and you wonder how in the world they got to where they are.

Do you keep make the wrong decisions-- only to end up in the exact same situation again?

Maybe you feel like there is no point in chasing your dreams anymore, because you'll never get it right. Instead of moving forward, you're going around in circles. You've tried everything under the sun and your dreams still feel as elusive as a mirage--always out of reach.

Do you feel like you'll never figure out how to move forward?

You feel well and truly stuck.

The darkest hour is just before dawn.

If there is one trait that's served me well through all my hardships and challenges, it's my persistence.

I've crawled through the desert of self-doubt, confusion, feelings of isolation and even hopelessness. During my process and personal expansion, I found my oasis. And I'd like to guide you to yours.

I offer blog posts, podcasts, online courses and e-books that will give you a road map to you a fresh perspective, more self-compassion and a new experience.  This is THE place to be to gain momentum, be in the flow and tap into your creative power.

If you're ready to give up and you feel like things will never change, please try my tools below instead:

Don't give up!

What Would Little Red Riding Hood Do? 7 Ways to Face Your Wolf and Live Happily Ever After.

Do you destroy perfectly good opportunities and then agonize over why you would do that to yourself? You're not alone! This fairy tale style e-guidebook will show you why we sabotage ourselves and more importantly, what to do about it! Chapter exercises included.

"Warm, funny & elegantly simple. Eleanor Healy writes with vision and clarity, her words are wise, touching and sure to make you think." 

- Aisha Goyette, Storyteller & Visual Communications Specialist

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