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Is it hard to figure out what you're actually thinking or feeling?

Do you have trouble making decisions or doing things on your own?

Are other people constantly telling you how to live your life?

Then you need to access your inner PRINCESS POWER!

Just $197 USD for this transformational magic!

Finally, Be Free to Follow Your Heart


When it come down to it, you're not sure who you really are.

  • You want to stand on your own two feet, but secretly you're not sure if you can.,
  • No one thinks you're capable of running your own life, and
  • You try to stand up for yourself, but you feel suffocated and micromanaged by those around you.

You're sick of feeling like life is happening all around you, but you're not included. 


There is nothing wrong with you!!



You CAN find your innate confidence, clarity and strength to live life on your own terms!!!

And I'm going to show you how in this POWER SESSION!

Because embracing your inner Princess of Power means having the freedom to be who you are. All while living the life you're meant to live.


You being you and loving it!


    During this 60 minute power-packed one on one session, you will learn to: 

    • See yourself as you really are—no matter what people have told you.
    • Step into a more empowered you!
    • Find your source of power and strength AND tap into it at any time.

    This is exactly what I need, tell me more!


    This one one one Skype session will be recorded

    • You will have access to the audio afterwards
    • I will use Reiki energy
    • I will draw on Intuitive messages for you
    • I will guide you as a spiritual mentor to connect you to your greatest power source: YOU!

    Bonus: My Heart-Opening Guided meditation

    Here is what people are saying about Eleanor:

    "Eleanor helped me release a lot of emotion from a recent difficult experience. She listened to my story with empathy and made me feel heard and empowered. I would recommend her coaching services to anyone that is ready to step on to their true path and connect with their true self." Selina W.

    "You are a leader, healer and have definitely inspired me in my life. Keep shining bright like the stars in the sky helping us along our way to find the light we all hold within." Jane Coghill