Is it hard for you to express your feelings?

Terrified of making the wrong decision?

Feel like you're completely at the mercy of others?

Then you need to take your power back!

Just $367 USD for this transformational magic!

Finally, Be Who You're Truly Meant To Be


You meditate, eat well and treat others the way you want to be treated.

Yet, no matter what you do to improve your life, nothing ever changes.

Despite your best efforts of switching people, places and events you experience the same

  • mind-numbing jobs,
  • miserable and unhealthy relationships, and
  • emotional drama

You're sick of being on an emotional merry-go-round--you wish your life would change. 


Don't give up hope!



You CAN live the life you're meant to live!!! 
And I'm going to show you how in the True Power program!

Because being who you're truly meant to be means creating joyful new experiences, free from the influences of others.
All while living out your hearts' desires. 


Powerful change that lasts


    You're going to learn a step by step transformation process to: 

    • Take charge of every area of your life.
    • Recognize your repetitive patterns with compassion and self-love.
    • Create new habits to stop the effects of ingrained self-sabotage.
    • Experience greater and greater levels of self-confidence.
    • Activate your creative flow.
    • Take initiative and seize opportunities without hesitation.

    How I Found my True Power



    Hey, I'm Eleanor Healy. In 2008 my ex-boyfriend went crazy from mixing drugs with psychiatric medications, the youth I was working with hung herself and my uncle died before we could make up from a fight.

    All the ways I distracted myself from pain in the past (alcohol, cigarettes, being obsessed with my intimate relationships, moving from one location to another and shopping) couldn't make a dent in this avalanche of pain.

    Life finally had my attention

    I gave up any pretense of knowing how to handle life. I spent long periods of time in bed; I shut out the painful world around me and communed with my internal self. I wanted to know why my life was a merry-go-round of painful experiences. Why did I always seem to end up in the same scenarios despite my best efforts?

    I had to delve into my past for clues

    As a child I barely spoke. This was my response to years of my father's verbal and emotional tirades that included regular bouts of screaming "Shut up!" and "I hate you!" in my face. One day at the age of sixteen, my True Power signaled that it had had enough. As my father's rage burst forth, my inner strength activated a scream that reached the heavens and guaranteed that my father never screamed at me again. I had witnessed the first glimpse of my True Power.

    Two steps forward, one step back

    As I stumbled through my teens and twenties, I overspent, drank too much and went from one totally dysfunctional relationship to another. I tried to gain power in the only ways I knew how: acting out of anger and aggression. I managed to graduate from University with a degree in Family Studies; I fell in love with helping youth find their voice. Yet, I couldn't speak up for what I wanted. I couldn't put up boundaries. I still felt utterly powerless.

    Your compassionate strength will always find a way to emerge

    The year 2008 was a period of deep healing that allowed me to finally release the past. I settled on a more balanced way of being. I spoke more softly. I opened my heart. I found a bottomless well of self-love to draw from. I realized that my father had acted from deeply rooted feelings of powerlessness, not from hatred. This new perspective allowed me to forgive my father and build a relationship with him that gets better with each passing year. I became a Holistic Nutritionist and Reiki Master/Teacher and committed to helping others discover their True Self, their ultimate source of Power. I felt completely transformed, but more like myself than I'd ever been.


    This sounds amazing, tell me more!


    In this self-paced online course, you will have access to seven digital modules each with:

    • Audio lesson
    • Introductory Video
    • PDF slides to go with audio
    • Module exercise
    • PDF worksheets and quizzes
    • True Power affirmation
    • A private Facebook group

    Module One-The Power of Intentions

    This module sets the foundation for the whole program: intentions and commitment to yourself.


    What you will learn:

    • The most important first step when transforming anything in your life
    • Practical techniques and tools to support you through the successful completion of the whole program--especially when self-doubt, sabotage or procrastination set in
    • Introduction of the Observer--a powerful archetype that will help you navigate the emotions, judgements and fears that will surface

    Module Two-The Power Source

    This module will introduce the concept of the different sources of power available to you and how to navigate them. 


    What you will learn:

    • What is energy?
    • The Fire and the Candle analogy (your own internal power and the power of the Universe).
    • Signs and consequences of being disconnected 
    • How to reconnect



    Module Three-The Power of Self-Awareness

    This module will teach you about the profound connection between self-awareness and being in your power.


    What you will learn:

    • What are Capacities vs Expectations?
    • How to recognize and transform themes and repeated experiences
    • Introduction to Your Power Warrior
    • How to tune into your body to get the answers you need--Body Scan Tool

    Module Four-Power

    This module will teach you about the difference between the definitions and expressions of conventional power and True Power.


    What you will learn:

    • The Conventional Definition of Power
    • True Power formula--How do we create True Power?
    • Power Categories--How does Power voice itself?
    • Fear of Power--How do we develop a fear of power? How can we overcome this fear?

    Module Five-The Power of The Shadow

    This module will teach you about The Shadow and what you can do to integrate it gracefully into your life.


    What you will learn:

    • What are Archetypes?
    • Four major Archetypes--the Archetypes that make up the whole Self
    • Suppression versus Overidentification--patterns that manifest when the Shadow is not acknowledged
    • The Shadow Takeover--What are the signs that The Shadow Self is running your life?
    • Conscious Shadow Work--Acknowledging and honoring the Shadow to balance the whole Self

    Module Six-The Power of Self-Acceptance

    This module will teach you about the barriers to full self-acceptance and how to move into self-love.


    What you will learn:

    • Judgement--How does it effect our lives?
    • Triggers--What is a trigger? How can we reduce the occurrence of being triggered?
    • Self-identity--How does our self-identity form?
    • Forgiveness--How can we forgive others? How can we forgive ourselves? Why is it important?
    • Self-love--How to love ourselves no matter what

    Module Seven-Embrace Your True Power

    This module will talk about the importance of celebrating success and consciously stepping into the new.


    What you will learn:

    • Declaration--embrace your True Power
    • Celebrate the process
    • Gather tools to use for your new future!



    Annnnd ... BONUSES!!


    Bonus #1: Ebook

    What Would Little Red Riding Hood Do? 7 Ways to Face Your Wolf and Live Happily Ever After


    Do you destroy perfectly good opportunities and then agonize over why you would do that to yourself? Hint: it rhymes with mabotage.

    Don't worry, you're not alone. In this fairytale style ebook, Eleanor Healy chronicles her personal transformation from being her own worst enemy to glowing with more inner peace and happiness than she ever thought possible.

    Her own parents don’t even recognize her—ok so that parts not true, but the point has been made. This fun, but practical guide will show you why we sabotage ourselves and more importantly, what to do about it! Chapter exercises are included to help you go from missing out to nailing it (self-love style)!


    Bonus #2: PDF booklet

    Truly Inspiring Guide to Happy Living

    PDF filled with ways to make your heart, mind, body and soul happy. Includes practical exercises, examples and tips for each section. There are even food choices for a happy body! Bonus content: Three Things to Do When Your Motivation Goes Down the Drain. Be sure to check this out for your happy reference guide!


    Bonus #3: Pre-recorded Group Coaching Calls

    Listen to actual participants ask Eleanor questions and process their experiences in these three hour long recorded MP3s. Breakthroughs, aha moments and individual journeys all included for your listening pleasure!


    Truly Empowered, Truly You


    Are you ready for:

    • Complete access to your creative flow.
    • The confidence to tell people what is in your heart--no matter what.
    • The courage to embrace who you really are.
    • The clarity to create new and joyful experiences.

    Only $367 USD for all this transformational magic!


      Frequently Asked Questions


      How can I access the modules? Once your payment is processed, you will be given instant access to a password protected page with all the modules and materials.

      What if I can't afford it? You will have access to the transformational tools and material for the rest of your life. You can use the processes in any situation where you'd like to take your power back. Considering this reasonable price for a lifetime tool, why not ask yourself How can I afford it?

      How long does it take to finish the course? I recommend that you take at least one week to complete each module. You will need time to process the information and shifts that will occur. The module exercises also work best when spread out over one week. Taking longer or speeding through the material may overwhelm you and cause you to stop the course all together. Going at the recommended pace, it will take approximately seven weeks to complete.

      Will I experience anything I should be aware of? As this is a personal transformation course, you need to be prepared for emotional releases or ups and downs. You may feel tired, irritable or out of sorts; this is perfectly normal. As you process and start to make changes, you will feel better. However, If you start to experience extreme lows or have thoughts of harming yourself SEEK IMMEDIATE PROFESSIONAL HELP. This course is not meant to replace medical or psychiatric services. 

      I know someone who I think would benefit from this course--can I buy it for them? I do not recommend purchasing a course for someone else. Forward them the website url and let them decide to take it if they feel it is appropriate for them.


      Here is what people are saying about the True Power Program



      "Before starting the True Power Program I was feeling disconnected from myself. This disconnection was creating an underlying sense of frustration and restlessness inside mixed with low level unhappiness. The course had helped me become the creator of my life instead of the bystander watching it go by. My new normal was a more empowered me that didn’t shy away from seeing things as they really were. I was delighted to see myself growing and becoming more alive. I was experiencing what True Power really felt like! I now feel like I am surrounded by a circle of supportive tools that I can draw on whenever I lose touch with my True Power or want to make a change in my life. This transformational wheel really works and I would recommend it to anyone!" Kristin Edgeler, Toronto, Canada

      "The True Power Program was a great experience for me. The exercises and guided meditations really helped me tune into myself, and get in touch with parts of me that I've hidden from the world. After going through this program, I feel more empowered to be who I am truly meant to be. Thank you,  Eleanor for all your support and guidance!" Allison W., Toronto Canada