Live an Awesome Sauce Life with Patty Lowry

In this podcast I interview author, Patty Lowry. She's a little bit edgy, saucy and bold. She's also super smart, sensible and real. Her transformational story details how she turned her biggest challenges into her life's greatest triumphs. Listen to this show for some easy to follow tips from her book "How to Live Like a Chipmunk and Other Tips on Living an Awesome Sauce Life" and the exclusive story of how she came to write it.

Inspired by the practical and productive panache of a chipmunk and driven by a lust for lists, Patty created a how-to guide for managing the different things that life throws at you. Anyone looking for some inspiration and practical help will love this episode! Be sure to check out her blog for the most up to date Patty-isms:

Posted on July 5, 2016 and filed under self-help.