Mindful Self-Love with Michelle Pena

My special guest, Michelle Peña, is an accomplished Self-love coach passionate about supporting women to reach new levels of personal growth. She is recognized for her work inspiring women and youth through high impact workshops, personal coaching and group programs.

Michelle is the founder of LivTru which was born out of her passion to help women navigate personal challenges and unlearn their stories that hold them back so that they can fully embrace themselves and confidently move towards what they truly desire.

Michelle’s approach is the product of an education and 10+ year career in social work and psychology, combined with extensive training in Applied Mindfulness Meditation and Positive Psychology Coaching. She has worked with her clients to help them better cope with stress, heal emotional pain, gain clarity, let go of fear, develop a healthy self-image and find greater peace.

This podcast covers the following topics:

  • How to use mindfulness to gain clarity and slow yourself down
  • What you can do specifically to love yourself more and change old stuck patterns 
  • How to move forward when you feel stuck

Dive into our enlightening conversation about how to love yourself one small step at a time.

Posted on March 29, 2017 and filed under self-help, personal transformation.