Life is Supposed to Be Fun with John McGrail

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My podcast interview with Dr. John McGrail will inspire you.

It will give you hope.

It will make you laugh.

John McGrail, PhD, is a renowned hypnotherapist, personal success coach, spiritual teacher and a leading media expert on the topic of personal improvement. He really brings it in this jam-packed discussion that veers off in many interesting directions, including the topics of quantum physics, the process of synthesis and indigenous cultural practices.

In this podcast you'll learn the answers to the following questions:

Why can't I change my circumstances despite doing everything under the sun from affirmations to meditation to chanting?

How does my subconscious really work and how can I make it work for me, not against me?

How can I truly empower yourself?

What can I do today to starting living the life of my dreams?


You won't want to miss what John wants you to know if you're feeling like your stuff is insurmountable AND the best analogy of the subconscious mind I've ever heard!

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