The Power of Your Voice with Dorota Rozmus

My special guest Dorota Rozmus is a transformational intuitive Healer who connects with quantum awareness and her singing voice as energy.

Dorota works with Light and Love frequency, channeling energy vibration, helping you to clear and transform your emotions, stress, your distorted mind information, density of your past, family DNA and body pain. It is vibrational work on many levels of your Being. She is also a powerful Vocalist, Composer, Musician, Energy Coach and Sound Healer.

This podcast covers the following topics:

• What is the vibrational aspect of your True Self?
• How vibration, sound and frequency helps you solve your problems
A beautiful voice activation and sound healing session on the spot to move through anger!! (very powerful)

Ready to rise above your issues and transform them? Check out Dorota’s transformational healing activations!

Feel the heart-opening, loving and graceful energy that Dorota emits through her voice. Don’t miss this vibrationally healing episode!