Live in Your Joy with Deborah Acker

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My special guest, Deborah Acker, learned a long time ago that the key to true happiness meant moving away from it.

She realized at an early age, through the loss of her mom at 17 and her dad leaving before the age of 2, that running away from herself, her emotions and her pain only caused more of it, and that your only true way out is in. Today, she embraces it all to feel the light in the darkness, the joy in the sadness and the perfection in the pain. With this, she coaches women to know true joy, peace and trust, no matter what’s occurring, and most importantly, to celebrate and relish in this crazy, juicy, up-and-down thing we call life.

When she's not clearing energy blocks & childhood patterns, writing for The Huffington Post and Elephant Journal or hosting Truth Talk Radio, you can find Deborah working out and traveling the world, savoring its beauty, people, culture and adventures

This podcast covers the following topics:

  • How to live in true joy every day
  • What do many people run away from and not acknowledge that blocks them from joy? 
  • What are the common patterns that block us from living in joy and block us from this deep truth? 
  • What do you have to get clear about to move forward with this?   

I had so much fun with Deb--she is a true joy (see what I did there?) Don’t miss this joyful and heartfelt conversation about how to access joy no matter what is happening in your life!

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