Meet Eleanor

In 2008 my ex-boyfriend went crazy from mixing drugs with psychiatric medications, the youth I was working with hung herself and my uncle died before we could make up from a fight.

All the ways I distracted myself from pain in the past (alcohol, cigarettes, being obsessed with my intimate relationships, moving from one location to another and shopping) couldn't make a dent in this avalanche of pain.

Life finally had my attention

I gave up any pretense of knowing how to handle life. I spent long periods of time in bed; I shut out the painful world around me and communed with my internal self. I wanted to know why my life was a merry-go-round of painful experiences. Why did I always seem to end up in the same scenarios despite my best efforts?

I had to delve into my past for clues

As a child I barely spoke. This was my response to years of my father's verbal and emotional tirades that included regular bouts of screaming "Shut up!" and "I hate you!" in my face. One day at the age of sixteen, my True Power signaled that it had had enough. As my father's rage burst forth, my inner strength activated a scream that reached the heavens and guaranteed that my father never screamed at me again. I had finally spoken my truth.

Two steps forward, one step back

As I stumbled through my teens and twenties, I overspent, drank too much and went from one totally dysfunctional relationship to another. I tried to gain control in the only ways I knew how to: acting out of anger and aggression. I managed to graduate from University with a degree in Family Studies; I fell in love with helping youth find their voice. Yet, I couldn't speak up for what I wanted. I couldn't put up boundaries. I still felt utterly powerless.

Your compassionate strength will always find a way to emerge

The year 2008 was a period of deep healing that allowed me to finally release the past. I settled on a more balanced way of being. I spoke more softly. I opened my heart. I found a bottomless well of self-love to draw from. I realized that my father had acted from deeply rooted feelings of powerlessness, not from hatred. This new perspective allowed me to forgive my father and build a relationship with him that gets better with each passing year. I became a Holistic Nutritionist and Reiki Master/Teacher and committed to helping others discover their True Self, their ultimate source of truth, their voice. I felt completely transformed, but more like myself than I'd ever been.


No matter what has happened to you.

No matter what your loved ones are telling you to do.

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On the lighter side...when I'm not helping good girls say yes to their heart, I can be found:

At the airport—as of 2015 I’ve traveled to all continents of the world (except for Antarctica).

Walking—I’m a walkaholic. I do most of my walking in my flip-flops which is why I try to find warm climates. I’m known to walk for miles in those babies—chiropractors please ignore this paragraph.

Drinking coffee—I’m a coffee fanatic. Over the years I’ve cut out coffee: those were the worst six minutes of my life--kidding! I love coffee and nothing makes me happier than to sit at a nifty café as I watch the world go by, sipping my organic Americano with almond milk.

Watching animal videos on Youtube and Facebook—I laugh so hard at those cat/dolphin, chimpanzee/tiger baby, parrot/cat, deer/dog duets. Those videos can turn around the worst day for me.

Watching documentary films—I’m obsessed with documentary films! I dream of making a film one day when the time is right. I love the slice of life narratives that depict everyday people doing extraordinary things.

If you’re dying to know more, here are five things you don’t know about me…

I don’t own a car. Most of what I do can be accomplished while sitting at a laptop or online in some capacity. When I want to get out into the world I don my flip flops and away I go to the airport, or to the store, depending on the day.

I love astrology. Linda Goodman is a personal hero of mine. In my opinion, she is still to this day the funniest and most ingenious writer/astrologer that the world has ever seen. Although some of her books are outdated in terms of societal norms she is bang on with her astrological descriptors. I still have all her books, dog-eared and yellow, and from time to time I pull them out and laugh myself silly. By the way, I’m an Aquarius with Aquarius rising and Capricorn moon if that tickles your fancy.

Nothing is too weird or outlandish for me to learn about. If someone approached me and told me that they’ve found a way to insert wings into their shoulder blades and that they’re about to start a club of winged humans I’d probably say, “cool, what’s your website?” Learning about quantum physics, remote healing, mediumship, psychic phenomena and so on is a recipe for a good time as far as I’m concerned.

It’s a Wonderful Life still makes me cry. I’ve watched this amazing movie every year since I was a child and I still love it. I laugh and cry in all the same places. I can now recite the lines, of course but I don’t find that off-putting. When Harry Bailey toasts his brother at the end and says, “To George Bailey, the richest man in town”, I still cry like a baby.

I was raised by wolves. Just kidding! Although I was raised in a human family, it wasn’t typical. My parents are Tibetan Buddhists living in Canada and they helped their teacher establish some of the first dharma meditation centers here in the late seventies. I am an urban hippie I guess you could say—born and raised in Vancouver, Canada.

Final words of wisdom: 

  • Be Brave (like a cat on a tight rope).

  • Choose You (even if Channing Tatum just called).

  • Live Free (like a Corporation's Tax Bill).


Quick credentials

10+ years of experience as a Child and Youth Care Counselor and mentor and I’ve been a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Reiki teacher since 2008.

I’ve been a Spiritual Mentor to hundreds of women who are ready to say yes to their heart.

I've been an Intuitive/Medium since birth, but only realized my gifts after my spiritual path kicked into gear in 2008.

I wrote an e-book What Would Little Red Riding Hood Do? 7 Ways to Face Your Wolf and Live Happily Ever After. Do you destroy perfectly good opportunities and then agonize over why you would do that to yourself? You're not alone! This fairy tale style e-guidebook will show you why we sabotage ourselves and more importantly, what to do about it! Chapter exercises included.